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Mood Board

their original logo. keeping it clean. earthy. how flowers where a big part of the process

Logo Redesign

talk about logo redesign. making a logo that could still keep on brand.

icons with logo green tea logo.png
Packaging Design

talk about packaging size, reasons for design, reasons for color choice.

green tea package with line.png

talk about the other parts. the variety in colors and plant design. the thought and resion behind each  choice. final thoughts rap it up

All together packages.png

Packaging Design



Our Backyard is a small startup business in Clare, MI. Their business specializes in Organic tea, herbal remedies, herbs & flowers, and hand Made crafts. I was lucky enough to work with them in designing their business cards, tea logo, and packaging design.

kjo graphics logo.png
To see more designs for our backyard, please visit Business cards & branding. You can also click the link below.

Our Backyard

kjo graphics logo.png
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