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Comic Book

Codex Aquistaka

Jacob De La Rosa is the author of Codex Aquistaka. Jacob saw his story becoming a comic. He approached Kyleah hoping she would help him creating a multi-dimensional comic. The story is in its starting stages. Pages and characters have been started.


To see some of the character designs, click here.


Jacob de la Rosa




Purgatories is an animated short story written by Seth Steele. The story originally was created for fun and as a way for Kyleah to learn ZBrush. Once the project started rolling, both Seth and Kyleah agreed to make it a short story. They hope to be able to send their animation to a film festival.

To see progress art and some 3D sculpting, click here.


Seth Steele & Kyleah Orwig


low res poster.png

Concept Art for Film

Real American

Real American is an upcoming film by Perelandra Pictures. Kyleah was given the honor to work on creative their alternative version of the human world, where aliens are trying to hide their true identities.

To see concept art, click here.


Jacob de la Rosa

Voilent Sol_Marketing Art_ final.jpg

Top-down Steam Game

violent sol worlds

Worked with Afterthought Games on an indie game titled Violent Sol, which is currently green-lit on Steam. Coordinated with a concept art team to create 2D, high resolution digital art for advertisement and game use, as well as creatures, plants, and equipment for game use.


Afterthought Games


Packaging Design

our backyard

Our Backyard is a small startup business in Clare, MI. Their business specializes in organic tea, herbal remedies, herbs & flowers, and hand made crafts. Kyleah worked with them in designing their business cards, tea logo, and packaging design.

To see some of the Packaging design process, click here.


Shari Diffin & Ken Klenke


Logo & Label Design

Davenport-style wine

Davenport-Style Wine is a start-up company in Wisconsin. Kyleah was able to connect with them to create logos, labels, and business card designs. 

logo 1.jpg

Ken Davenport


Poster Design

Dr. sketchy's

Dr. Sketchy's is a drink-and-draw event held once a month. Select artists are commissioned to design a poster based on real-life models. The designs follow the theme of the show. 

Adventure Guild Screen building (1).png

Top-down Steam Game

adventure Guild

Adventure Guild is by Afterthought Games. After working with Kyleah on Violent Sol Worlds, the company reached out to her to design logo ideas, characters, and a loading screen for their next upcoming game. The game is not out yet.


Afterthought Games

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